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Permit Required If repair or restoration of your flood damaged home is needed

From Breathitt County Emergency Management

If repair or restoration of your flood damaged home is needed, this does require a permit from the Ky. Division of Water prior to construction. There is no charge for this permit!
You can remove damaged material and get the property ready for construction prior to receiving the permit, but cannot begin construction until the permits are issued.
Please submit the attached stream construction permit form, with a property valuation from the Breathitt County PVA and an itemized cost of planned repairs (similar to a contractor quote) to
You do not need to complete the public notice requirement. On that section of the form simply check request a waiver, and list DR-4663 as the reason. If you provide complete information when submitting, permits are generally issued within 1 week.
This is only for those houses in the mapped floodplain. You can visit the below link to search your address:
There is a section on the form for the local floodplain administrator to sign. When emailing your application, simply copy this office in the email at for addresses outside the city limits or for those within the city limits. This is sufficient in lieu of signature. This is just to make the city/county aware of the project so the local permit can be issued.

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