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Repair efforts continue on flood-damaged state highways in Breathitt, Perry counties

Work is continuing on repair efforts on state highways in Breathitt and Perry counties as the recovery from catastrophic flooding in late July continues. Crews from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and contractors are deployed in several locations in the two counties. Four routes remain closed, and some of the closures are expected to be long-term.

Work is continuing to repair major breaks in pavement at two locations on KY 451 in Perry County, two locations on KY 1110 in Breathitt County, and one site on KY 1278 in Breathitt County. Daytime closures are in effect for KY 1110 while the work continues.

Slides are being removed this week on KY 1933 (Turners Creek Road) in Breathitt County and KY 2021 (Couchtown Road) and KY 2022 (Squabble Creek Road) in Perry County.

District 10’s sign crews are still installing warning signs to caution drivers of pavement breaks and slides, but have not yet been able to properly sign all damaged locations. Drivers should heed warning signs and watch for road damage, and yield to oncoming traffic in places where the pavement is reduced to one lane.

Five locations on four state highways remain closed, all in Perry County. All other routes within the district are open and passable, but breaks and other damage are present in some locations. Drivers should use caution and discretion when traveling on these routes, and avoid travel if possible in the affected areas.

Roads still closed are:
KY 267, closed at milepoint 8.5 due to a slide. Work is still underway to remove the slide. Traffic can use KY 15 or KY 476 to bypass either side of the closure. KYTC anticipates that the road will be reopened later this week.
KY 451, closed at milepoints 10.2 near Busy and 17.2 near Krypton due to drainage structures that have washed out. A large-diameter drainage pipe has been ordered to install at the Krypton location. Plans are being drawn up to repair the Busy closure. Drivers have alternate routes available to bypass the closures.
KY 1087, closed at milepoint 1.2 for a break that originally affected one lane, but worsened and took out both lanes. Drivers can use KY 476 in Perry County or KY 160 in Knott County to access points on either side of the closure.
KY 3351, closed at milepoint 3.4 near the KY 476 intersection near Ary due to bridge damage. A project to replace the structure is under consideration. Until then, the road will remain closed indefinitely. Drivers can use KY 80 and KY 476 as a detour route.

Debris removal operations are underway, so motorists should watch for trucks making frequent stops along the collection routes.

KYTC has established a Web site for road condition reports and flooding recovery information at Updates can be found there, along with District 10’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Links are also available for sources of information on road conditions in District 11 and District 12, which also suffered heavy damage in the flooding.

Motorists should continue to use extreme caution if driving through flood-damaged areas, and are urged to avoid travel on these roads unless absolutely necessary. Unnecessary sightseeing is discouraged, as this traffic can interfere with vital rescue and recovery operations.

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