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UPDATE on Gift Cards through Pikeville Rotary

Appalachian Citizens Voice in an effort to clear up rumors about Gift Cards that were to be distributed through the Pikeville Rotary.

APPCV talked directly with the Chairman of the East KY Disaster Relief Committee and was informed there would be NO Central spot for distribution of these cards.

The Pikeville Rotary Club will be targeting 7 spots in flooded counties. In Breathitt it will be done as a Targeted Prioritized Relief, meaning members will go door to door at flooded areas that need the help the most. No locations will be given out. If they show up at your door, then you have been selected. 

The chairman stated that he apologized for the confusion but NOONE was authorized to give out this information of a central location.

The next round of help will be to help children in flooded areas once school has started throughout the region.

Appalachian Citizens Voice will keep you updated with facts and concise information concerning the flood and those who are trying to help during this horrible tragedy.

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