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Cynthiana Photographer belittles Appalachians over flood


For those of you that were upset at the columnist in the Lexington Herald posting derogatory remarks about Appalachia people, we have found another individual for you that has very little nice things to say about flood victims of Eastern, KY.
This guys name is DREW FRITZ. He He doesn’t think much of those people who were affected by the July 2022 flood
His comment about, “Moving trailers” and “Bailing us out”, is beyond despicable. I don’t understand people like this, and pray they NEVER experience a disaster or having to live poor.
They are stuck in their own little fantasy world of what is perceived to be a flood victim versus the facts.

Mr. Fritz has a Facebook page which he has already changed his setting so people can’t read or comment on his despicable comments.
SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE!!!! There is no reason for a person to be so hateful towards people who are hurting.

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