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Breathitt County enacts night time curfew/FEMA NUMBER ANNOUNCED

County Attorney Brendon Miller announced on his Breathitt Emergency Management Address to the public tonight that Judge Jeff Noble after discussions with Brendon Miller and Sheriff John Hollan has enacted a night time curfew effective immediately.

Beginning at 10:00pm thru 6:00am, all non essential activity shall cease beginning tonight, Sunday July 31st, 2022. This does not effect people going to and from work, emergency travel. This curfew is in response to looting going on throughout Breathitt County according to Miller. Miller also stated anyone caught looting will be jailed with Maximum bail set and if convicted, maximum jail time. Miller stated that committing this crime during this terrible tragedy WOULD NOT be allowed.

Also, FEMA has released a phone number to start the application process. You must call this number to initiate your application. One question you will be asked in order to get help is, “WILL YOU RELOCATE”. You must be willing to relocate to get help according to Mr. Miller. APPCV will have more assistance information later Monday August 1st, 2022.

FEMA Application Number

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