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Breathitt County Grader under repair after break down

Jackson, KY 6-24-22
A bit of a stir up in Breathitt County over a grader parked at the mouth of the Old Buck Community. According to County officials, the grader sustained a small fire that burned 3 hoses making the grader inoperable. The grader was backed off the road in to the weeds.

The torque hose has been replaced so the grader can move. There were two other hoses that were ordered and according to County Officials, those hoses arrived Thursday night.

As of Friday morning, workers were on scene repairing the damaged hoses in an attempt to get the grader operational. 

Republican candidate Jason Harvey Richardson made a post voicing concern over the grader. His post is as follows:
“The county needs to go to the mouth of Old Buck road and cut the weeds around the grader, it’s been sitting there over a month. Hasn’t been moved, so I guarantee no roads have been graded.”

The post is correct in the grader hasn’t moved nor has it graded any roads. It is hard to do grade roads when the equipment is broke down. It must be noted, the the timing for repair of this grader had nothing to do with Mr. Richardson’s Facebook post and everything to do with waiting on parts. The timing of the parts arriving and Mr. Richardson’s post was purely coincidental.

Several people made comments about the situation. Most comments were made without knowing all the details. People are rightfully concerned about road conditions and many other issues concerning the County roads. Posting misinformation about the grader only causes more stress and hard feelings about the road situation.

Below are photos of the grader and repairs being made to it.

another photo of grader parked at Old Buck.
Grader parked at Old Buck, Backed in weeds.
Worker performing repairs on Grader that is causing some concern
Photo showing area of grader where hoses burned
Photo shows hoses that were replaced Friday 6-24-22
Old hose and new hose, Friday 6-24-22

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