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Possible human remains found in debris of Main Street Fire in Jackson, KY

Rumors have been flying about the possibility of someone’s remains being in the ashes of the Fire of an old building on Main Street in Jackson that was the home of two rental apartments upstairs and a business downstairs on September 17th 2021.

The rumor mill was at it again today as APPCV received several calls on remains possibly found during the recent cleanup of the burned out building. According to authorities we talked to, there was a skull found, thought to be human and it was sent for DNA testing to confirm the identity. 

Rumors have swirled about how the fire was set, who set it, if indeed it was Arson and who had motives to want the business and apartments burned. This is what we posted on the night of the fire on September 17th 2021:

“A fire broke out in the early morning hours in Downtown Jackson on Main Street. The fire was located at 1148 Main Street. The business known as Petals occupied the bottom of the structure while two apartments were upstairs occupied by Times-Voice Editor Fletcher Long in one and Crystal Stacy in the other. According to Crystal, she lost everything including her family pets.”

APPCV will have complete details as they are released as this is an ongoing investigation.

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