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May Primaries are over and Breathitt Citizens send a huge message

The May Primaries are over and in Breathitt County, Voters sent a clear message to candidates. Not just to those Incumbents that lost but to winners as well. Citizens of Breathitt County were not happy with the past 3 plus year and the election results clearly showed this. Let’s take a look at each race.

County Judge Executive Republican – Veteran politician Harvey Jason Richarson defeated Everette Kelly & will face off against Incumbent Jeff Noble in November in what should be a great race.

In a race that most thought would be a runaway, the results told a much different story as the “Vote all of them out mentality” nearly cost PVA Incumbent Ervine Allen his job as Matthew Hudson would only lose by 294 votes out of over 4,000 cast.

In the race everyone had their eyes on, voters spoke loud and clear and sent County Judge Executive Jeff Noble to a possible second term. The people we talked to throughout the County named mainly 2 reasons for their vote. They felt Judge Noble was never given a chance to do his job by members of the Fiscal Court and repeated negative articles run by another local newspaper. The results bore this out as Magistrate Ellis Tincher finished 3rd losing by 715 votes. Estill McIntosh finished second losing by 546 votes. Estill ran a good clean positive campaign but voters wanted to give Noble another shot with new Magistrates.

In the County Attorney Race, the numbers again showed that voters wanted Change. Incumbent Brendon Miller held on for a mere 127 vote victory over Chrissy Edmonds Noble. Voters we talked to were mainly concerned with Miller’s propensity for sending cases to Special Prosecutors and not prosecuting everyone the same. 

The County Clerks race was another one that surprised some people. Incumbent Becky Watts Curtis won but it wasn’t easy as Crystal Deaton came within 111 votes of being the new Clerk. Curtis was another candidate caught in the “Vote Everyone Out” voter mentality.

In the Sheriff’s race, Incumbent John Hollan won what was thought to be a tight race. In the end, voters showed they thought Hollan had done a good job and he ended up defeating former Sheriff Ray Clemons by 466 votes.

In the Jailers race, Incumbent Joel Gross won handily as did Incumbent Hargis Epperson for Coroner.

In the Magistrate District #1, Voters sent a loud and clear message that they wanted change. Incumbent Donnie Bush was defeated soundly by Brenda Fugate Terry and was only 8 votes away from finishing last in District #1. Voters throughout the District had several reasons for voting the way they did. Roads was a huge issue as was the fact that 3 magistrates held the majority for 3 plus years and didn’t accomplish much. The constant attack on the Judge was another big issue as was using a local newspaper to attack the Judge. People we talked to said it was just too much.

In the race for Magistrate District #2, a race that was thought to be a 4 man race, Billy Ryan Chaney edged Incumbent Roy Oakley Herald by 83 votes. Herald had been selected to finish out his fathers term who had passed on during his term. John Couch finished 3rd with 199 votes and Bobby Lee Gross with 157 votes.

In District #2 Constable race, Incumbent Ronnie Begley edged Gran McIntosh by a mere 71 votes.

In District #3 Magistrate race, Drewey Lovins defeated Incumbent Ray Moore by 264 votes. Moore like Ellis Tincher & Donnie Bush fell victim to a term of what voters say was nothing but court cases, arguing and attacks during Fiscal Court meetings. Like the others, voters in District #3 told APPCV that articles in a local newspaper constantly attacking Judge Noble played a huge part in how they voted.

In the District #3 Constable race, Incumbent Ken Thompson won easily over Jason Ray McIntosh.

In District #4 Magistrates race saw former Jackson Police Officer John Marshall win a hard fought battle over Douglas “DJ” Fugate by a scant 58 votes. District #4 had no incumbent running due to Ellis Tincher running for County Judge Executive.

District #4 Constable race was very competitive with all 3 candidates within 102 votes. Michael Prater defeated Doyle Turner by 44 votes and Brian Hall by 102 votes.

The thing voters want to come from this election is a Fiscal Court group that will work together to improve roads, create jobs get broadband for everyone, water to every home and improve the County for all the citizens. People have shown they are not going to sit still anymore. Those that won by the slimmest of margins were also put on notice, do your job, help move the County forward or you too will be replaced.  


Congratulations to all winners.
These Final numbers were confirmed by Breathitt County Clerk
County Judge Exec Republican
Kelly, Everette 103
Richardson, Harvey Jason 200
Allen, Ervine 2155
Hudson, Matthew Reeve 1861
County Judge Executive
Saum, Calvin 236
Clemons-Combs, Paula 246
Tincher, Ellis 931
McIntosh, Estill 1100
Noble, Jeff 1646
County Attorney
Miller, Brendon 2120
Noble, Chrissy Edmonds 1993
County Clerk
Curtis, Becky Watts 2107
Deaton, Crystal 1996
Clemons, Ray 1660
Smith, Robert “Moby” 376
Hollan, John 2126
McIntosh, Granville 1307
Gross, Joel 2650
Morris, Dallas 757
Epperson, Hargis 3180
Magistrate District #1
Tincher, John 196
Bush, Donnie 204
Terry, Brenda 656
Magistrate District #2
Crase, Ben 31
Herald, Oakley Roy 278
Chaney, Billy Ryan 361
Couch, John 199
Noble, Leonard 13
Combs, Jim 13
Turner, Elaine 93
Smith, Robert “Buck” 28
Gross, Bobby Lee 157
Constable District #2
McIntosh, Gran W. 529
Begley, Ronnie 600
Magistrate District #3
Caudill, Ivan 59
Moore, Ray 255
Spicer, Bobby 43
Barnett, Randall 121
Lovins, Drewy 519
Constable District #3
McIntosh, Jason Ray 331
Thompson, Ken 636
Magistrate District #4
Fugate, Jamison Chase 60
Turner, Victor 72
Marshall, John 328
Bailey, Clarence “Duke” 132
Fugate, Douglas “DJ” 270
Spicer, Dennis 67
Constable District #4
Turner, Doyle 302
Prater, Michael 346
Hall, Brian 244

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