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Gary Vinson is new HCTC Success Coach

Gary Vinson knows students can face struggles and he is committed to helping students meet those struggles and come out victorious. That’s why he started on Feb. 1 as the new Success Coach for Hazard Community and Technical College, based at the Technical Campus. 

His job includes directing students needing help with internal barriers,  such as how to: apply for financial aid; connect with specific tutors who can   help with academic struggles; and connect with other resources such as food banks.

“I am dedicated to helping our students pack their suitcases with the necessary tools for their journey to success,” he said.

            Joining HCTC is a career change for Vinson. He was a Head Instructor at a Barber School in Louisville for two years. His job was to make sure students were focused, prepared, and engaged throughout the day. “I invested in their present and future. I related to each and every student with my ability to be honest, upfront, and available to them, when needed. I cared about every student I taught, regardless of that individual’s background, past, etc.”

            It was rewarding to Vinson to see so many of his students graduate, pass their State Board exams, and become successful barbers.

            Vinson is a 2009 graduate of the Tri-State Institute of Hair Design in London. He grew up in Hazard and attended M.C. Napier and Perry County Central High Schools.

He started as a Barber Instructor at Tri-State in 2017, then went to work at American College of Barbering in Louisville in 2018. 

“Being a Success Coach has been an aspiration of mine for many years. I have a long background in the field of helping people. I’m a people person. I strive to assist those who want to be great and push those who don’t see how great they can be,” Vinson said.

Vinson will be on the Technical Campus on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Devert Owens building, room 114. Students can reach him via email or by calling 487-3118.

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