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Kentucky State Police Forensic Labs Adopt Rigorous Standards

Targeting Analysis of Seized Drugs

FRANKFORT, Ky. (December 28, 2020) – Kentucky State Police (KSP) Forensic Laboratories were recently recognized by a nationally renowned organization called ‘Organization of Scientific Area Committees’ (OSAC) for voluntarily adopting rigorous standards in the analysis of seized drugs. KSP labs are one of the first lab systems in the country to adopt these standards.

The OSAC organization exists to be the gold standard in scientific testing, protocols and best practices to help ensure forensic analysis is reliable and reproducible.

KSP employs 30 lab personnel who are specifically assigned to drug analysis located across the state at six separate labs. These facilities receive evidence from every law enforcement agency in the Commonwealth and on average, forensic scientists complete a total of nearly 30,000 drug cases every year.

Laboratory Director Jeremy Triplett says drugs are always evolving and KSP Forensic Scientists combine the use of OSAC standards and high quality technology to identify and understand new drugs.

“Kentuckians can trust the science that’s being performed at our labs. When we get a drug submission we’re using objective, scientific testing to determine what type of drug it is,” said Triplett.

OSAC issued 11 certificates to labs across the country for implementing its standards. KSP received six of those certificates, one for each lab. There are roughly 400 publicly funded crime labs across the country that could implement these standards.

“I’m really proud of our staff and the work they do, to be highlighted as one of the best of the best,” said Triplett. “KSP labs are really at the front of this and Kentucky can be proud.”

KSP is seeking to fill full-time positions at the six various Forensic Laboratories across the Commonwealth. If you are interested in a career, you may apply at https://careers.ky.gov or contact 502-564-5230 for more information.

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