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Transportation Cabinet Installs Honorary Signage on State Routes Designated During 2020 General Assembly

Signs appear on four roads/bridges in Highway District 10 showcasing community successes and honored Kentuckians

JACKSON, Ky.  – The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet alerts motorists to look for newly installed honorary roadside signs recognizing community accomplishments and individuals who have improved the lives of fellow Kentuckians. The Department of Highways District 10 office installed signs in four counties displaying honorary names on various roads and bridges designated by the 2020 General Assembly.  

“Ceremonially naming roads and bridges is a popular tradition in which Kentuckians take pride to recognize people and milestones that bring respect to the Commonwealth,” said Secretary Jim Gray.

Locally, new signage appears on the following routes, as directed by House Joint Resolution 105 passed during the 2020 regular legislative session:

Magoffin County

KY 3337 (Right Fork-Fritz Road and Middle Fork Road) was named the Oscar Green Memorial Highway. He was a native of the nearby Seitz community who was thrice injured in World War II while serving in the Third Army, 80th Infantry Division. He enlisted in the Army in 1943 and served until 1948. He returned to Magoffin County after his military service, where he lived until his death in 2008.

“Mr. Green was a World War II veteran, who fought bravely in the Normandy invasion and the Battle of the Bulge,” said State Rep. John Blanton. “He was injured in battle and received the Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, and Silver Star for his heroism. This highway designation is a small way we can honor Oscar Green’s life of service to his faith, family, and country.”

Menifee County

US 460 between Frenchburg and Denniston was named the Botts Brothers Veterans Memorial Highway. Six Botts brothers – Osmyn, Olas, Marvin, Wayne, James, and Darrell; the sons of Mort and Etta Botts — served in the Army at various times from 1943 to 1965, serving in World War II, Korea, and in times of peace including the “Cold War.”

“I am proud that US 460 in Menifee County will now be the Botts Brothers Veterans Memorial Highway,” said State Rep. David Hale. “The Botts brothers are true patriots. They honorably served our country in World War II, the Korean War, and the Cold War. The least we can do to honor these brave veterans’ sacrifice is erect a sign showcasing the tremendous pride our community has for their heroic military service.”

Morgan County

The US 460 bridge crossing White Oak Creek in the White Oak community near the Magoffin County line was named the Robin Holbrook Memorial Bridge. He was a native of Magoffin County who was killed in a motorcycle crash in 2019 near the bridge. Commonly known as “Dr. Robin,” he had served as a physician assistant at the Eula Hall Health Center on Mud Creek in Floyd County for around 30 years. Prior to his death, he had expressed an interest in holding a homecoming event for current and former staff members and patients of the clinic. After his death, such an event was held in his memory.

“The shockwaves of the sudden and tragic loss of ‘Dr. Robin’ are still palpable even today,” said Rep. Blanton. “However, as we continue to mourn his passing, we must also honor his memory by commemorating his service to our community and his patients. While nothing will ever fill the void that ‘Dr. Robin’ left, I hope this bridge designation will be a small reminder of his positive legacy and accomplishments.”

“‘Dr. Robin’ was a dedicated physician assistant who diligently cared for those in need at the Eula Hall Health Center in Floyd County,” said State Rep. Bobby McCool. “By designating this bridge as the Robin Holbrook Memorial Bridge, we are showing that his memory will live on for years to come. His positive impact on his family, patients, and community will not be forgotten.”

“Robin Holbrook was a medical professional of exceptional character and dedication that we lost all too soon,” said Sen. Phillip Wheeler. “I am glad that the General Assembly chose to honor his service and memory with this bridge dedication.”

This bridge is scheduled to be replaced as part of the “Bridging Kentucky” initiative. The name will carry over to the new structure once it is completed.

Powell County

Signs were placed at the Mountain Parkway’s Exit 16 at Clay City noting that the community is the hometown of Dr. Brad Morris, 1997 Kentucky High School Athletics Association state golf champion and 1997 Kentucky Mr. Golf.

“I am proud that the Clay City exit off the Mountain Parkway will now be noted as ‘Home of Dr. Brad Morris, 1997 KHSAA State Golf Champion, 1997 Kentucky Mr. Golf,'” said Rep. Hale. “Winning the 1997 golf state championship is a remarkable achievement. Through his victory, he positively represented himself, his family, and the entire Powell County community. I am glad we are erecting this sign to honor his success.”

The signs are to remain standing for at least one year, per the legislative action.

Fifty-nine honorary names were designated statewide and will appear on 13 bridges, 29 roads and 16 honorary locations. Signage will remain posted indefinitely unless otherwise specified in HJR 105

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