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HCTC’s Heating and Air Conditioning named as one of best in the nation

The Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Program at Hazard Community and Technical College is named as one of the best in the country in a recent article published by

 HVAC is an industry that will always witness demand for qualified technicians. There is an ever-growing need for certified HVAC professionals. An interesting and independent career is what is promised to those who enroll. Apart from opportunities for lucrative earnings, the industry also promises variety along with steady employment and chance to set up one’s own business. So, for those who are looking at a career as an HVAC professional, features the best HVAC training schools “near me.”

HCTC President Dr. Jennifer Lindon said the HVAC program is a high-demand option for students. “Our Program Coordinator Doug Adams does a great job of preparing students to run their own business or work for others. We appreciate his skills and his dedication to helping our students even after they graduate.”

Adams noted, “Not all people learn the same way, so I try to look at every student individually to figure out what is the best method to help them learn and be successful in the HVAC field. I love that so many of my former students have successful careers proving that HCTC and this program really can make a difference in someone’s life.”

In the HVAC field, there are multiple career paths such as the first path where an individual can become a trained apprentice. However, nothing beats the advantage of having a professional degree or a certificate from a reputed institution. A full-time training program includes apprenticeship and certification programs. The Bring Back Solor organization promotes the value of North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification, a certification program designed for the HVAC industry. Candidates must pass the exam which consists of 50 core questions across categories including air conditioning, air distribution, gas heat, oil heat, heat pumps, and more. The site offers detailed information on NATE certification along with a list of schools that offer HVAC training.

The top HVAC training schools are Samsung HVAC, North American Training Center, Tech Zone HVAC-R, Hazard Community & Technical College, Carrier University, etc. With appropriate training, candidates can choose any of the HVAC career paths such as AC technician, automotive HVAC technician, HVAC engineer, HVAC installer, HVAC mechanic, HVAC refrigeration technician, Solar technician, wind turbine technician and the like. Construction industry is bustling at an alarming rate and a part of that industry requires skills of qualified and certified HVAC technicians. So, start planning for a career in this lucrative industry today.

Anyone interested in enrolling in the HVAC Program at HCTC should call 606-487-3293 or 800-246-7521. 

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