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HCTC – Working from home: student Garland Sizemore

Training from Hazard Community and Technical College is what Garland Sizemore needed to work from home and help those with technical issues, especially during COVID-19.

            Apple Technology INC. employs the Hazard resident, a software specialist for iOS and macOS. His job involves troubleshooting over the phone with customers about their iPhone or Mac computer. Through a step-by-step isolation process, Sizemore determines if the issue is software, hardware, the user, or environmentally related (like WiFi issues).

        “HCTC prepared me with the knowledge of how networks work and helped me learn how hardware and software works,” said Sizemore, who plans to graduate in the fall. One of the classes in which Sizemore is enrolled is CIT 111, Computer Hardware and Software, which is a one-class certificate class where students earn the A+ Prep Certificate upon completion. 

        He said he would recommend HCTC to others, and if anyone has not enrolled, he encourages them to do so.

All the faculty within the HCTC campus has been great, going above and beyond their call of duty. For instance, my advisor sits down and has spoken to me about my classes and is trying to help build the best future possible for me and that means a lot. I like knowing that she cares,” he said.

                Dean of Innovations and Educational Technologies Dr. Ella Strong said she is proud of the training offered to students that can allow them to work remotely, if desired. “We have a wide variety of course offerings and programs for students, just like Garland Sizemore, who wants to gain employment working remotely,” she said. Students can enroll now for summer and fall classes.

During this unprecedented time, Sizemore said he is handling the COVID 19 crisis basically like most other Americans. “I’m teaching my daughter from home, helping her with her studies while trying to keep all my work up. I am thankful I have a job, which happened to be one where I worked from home even before the crisis hit,” he said.

Sizemore plans to keep learning, and he has future plans to open his own cyber security business.

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