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HCTC announces plans for summer and fall terms

Beginning August 17, fall term classes at Hazard Community and Technical College System will be offered in a variety of formats (barring any further disruption from the pandemic).

HCTC will offer fully online classes as well as face-to-face classes and some options that are a mixture of both. Face-to-face classes will have a strong online or remote instruction part, so if in-person classes must move online for a while the transition will be easier for students. The college also will offer a variety of scheduling options, including 16-week, 12-week and 8-week sessions.

HCTC President Dr. Jennifer Lindon encourages students to apply now for classes beginning this fall, as well as summer classes. “We offer a wide variety of classes, including training for remote jobs. We are seeing folks like the flexibility of working from home. Regardless of the career choice, HCTC is a good place to start.”

HCTC has developed plans to meet social distancing and health requirements and strengthening virtual student support for online and remote classes.

Students and prospective students can enroll online or call admissions at 487-3293.

HCTC will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and follow the governor’s guidelines regarding higher education for the fall term.

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