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Breathitt County Magistrates Cut off Purchases for Pipe 1-16-20

If you go in to the Breathitt County Court House today, you will see a Memorandum taped to the front door. It was sent to Finance Officer Crystal Deaton with information from the direction of three Magistrates, Donnie Bush, Ray Moore and Ellis Tincher. 

Ordinarily the posting of a notice notifying the public in this manner is a little unusual, but if the past 13 months have told us anything this Fiscal Court is anything but ordinary.

According to the Memorandum, (posted below), no pipes shall be purchased effective immediately. The reason? There is no money appropriated for the purchase of the pipes desperately needed to fix roads throughout the County.

According to Breathitt County Judge Executive Jeff Noble, The 3 Magistrates who ordered this, are putting the Citizens in danger with so many drain pipes in bad shape. Judge Noble said, money is available and would only need the 3 Magistrates to do a budget transfer. 

It must be noted that according to Judge Noble, it is believed Breathitt County is the only County in the State with a budget that does not include Pipes & Gravel.

This comes on the heels of some very questionable budget numbers that include a line item for Fiscal Court Legal Fees in the amount of $25,000 among other questionable items in the budget.

Memorandum posted on the Breathitt County Court house door. (Photo by Ron Hamblin)



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