Two Breathitt Women narrowly escape disaster – 2-12-19

Ron Hamblin – Appalachian Citizens Voice

The following is a first person account of an accident that ends with two women narrowly escaping disaster due to constant rain and soaked grounds.

Truck wreck on Town Hill Rd. – Photo by Ron Hamblin

While traveling over old Town Hill Rd., I came across this truck clinging to the edge of the hill. I stopped to see if everything was alright. Inside of the truck hanging precariously on the side of the hill, to my surprise, was two women, one appeared to be in a tough position laying across the driver. They were desperate to get out. While I was there, the truck slipped further over the hill. I felt helpless as it appeared it wasn’t going to take much for the truck to go on over a pretty good drop. I told the women to please hold still and not move as the truck looked ready to roll over.

I dialed 911 and got help on the way. I constantly talked to the women and made sure they knew help was on the way and not to move. In short time, a rescue unit arrived, shortly after followed by the State Police and Mike Wolfe of the sheriff’s department and Jackson City Police.
One of the best things about this region is when someone is in need our first responders are the best around. They took over the situation and secured the vehicle. 

According to the lady driving the truck, she was backing out of the driveway and got to close to the edge of the hill and started sliding and was unable to stop the truck. This is an example of how quick things can turn bad in in-climate weather and muddy conditions. 

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